COGUSB-03 Optical Transmission Interface

The COGUSB-03 Optical Transmission Interface is designed to enable data transmission between the device inside the explosion hazard zone (e.g. CMK-02 Volume Corrector) and non-EX device equipped with USB port outside explosion hazard zone (e.g. laptop). Data transmission is based on two infrared diodes, one for sending and the other receiving data. Interface head should be placed on the OPTO-EYE port located in the read out device. Permanent magnet inside the head activates the superior port which allows to perform the transmission.


Transmission speed is up to 38400 baud. The interface consists of three parts:

  • Head (aluminium casing) with OPTO-GAZ port and permanent magnet
  • Status adapter with RxD and TxD diodes
  • USB plug

The COGUSB-03 Optical Transmission Interface is dedicated for all computers without a hardware COM port. Appliance needs a driver to be installed. Application is built up to open the same COM port regardless of used socket. The software is always available on the company’s website.