CPT-01 Quantometer

CPT Quantometers have been designed in order to provide our customers with reliable and inexpensive measuring instruments for secondary flow measurements. Our great experience in designing and manufacturing of turbine and rotary gas meters resulted in the development of industrial quantometers. Taking into account our customers’ demands we created the instrument with excellent metrological characteristics and operating performance close to performances of the turbine gas meters designed for custody transfer measurements. Other advantages of the CPT Quantometers are as follows: high quality, easy maintenance, wide range of external devices that can co-operate with the quantometers, e.g. volume correctors, data loggers, data transmission systems. Due to that the CPT Quantometers are well accepted by our domestic and foreign customers.


The basic components of the CPT Quantometer are as follows:

  • pressure resistant meter body
  • inlet flow conditioner
  • measuring cartridge with the turbine wheel
  • magnetic coupling as the transferring elementbetween measuring cartridge and the index
  • index head


The operating pressure (reference pressure) can be taken from the pressure tap, marked pr, located on one side of the meter body.


The mechanical index unit indicates the actual volume of the measured gas at operating temperature and operating pressure. It can be rotated axially by 350° in order to facilitate the readings and enable easier connection of pulse sensor plugs. The index unit is provided with one low frequency LFK reed contact pulse transmitter, as a standard. On request the index may be equipped with:

  • LFI inductive pulse sensor (NAMUR)
  • HF inductive pulse sensor (NAMUR)


The CPT Quantometers may be provided with up to 7 pulse sensors:


LFK – low frequency reed contact pulse sensor LFK 1, LFK 2
LFI – low frequency inductive pulse sensor LFI 1, LFI 2
HF – inductive pulse sensor in the index unit HF 1, HF 2
HF – inductive pulse sensor over the turbine wheel HF 3
AFK – anti-fraud reed contact AFK


The turbine wheel, as a standard, is made of aluminium. This allows to provide each CPT Quantometer with one HF3 inductive pulse sensor. There are no extra costs due to the replacement of the turbine wheel.