CZAK-03 Communication and Signalling Barrier

The CZAK-03 Communication and Signalling barrier is device designed for transmitting digital and analogue data as well as for power supplying EX equipment installed within the areas threatened by a risk of explosion. The device may co-operate with majority of “Ex devices” used in the gas industry and many other industrie branches.


The CZAK-03 is a intrinsically safe device constructed on the base of micro-controller to cooperation with “Ex devices” generally used in the gas industry such as: electronic volume correctors, data loggers, pressure recoders or other types of  measuring transmitters and transducers.

The main functions of CZAK-03:

  • power supplying for devices operate in EX Zone
  • data transmission

The CZAK-03 is provided with two independent transmission channels, which are galvanically isolated one from the other. The communication channels are equipped with interface converter of RS-232/RS485 type, operating with a speed up to 115200 Bauds. Algorithms for eliminating interferences as well as anti-surge protection systems applied in the CZAK-03 ensure increased reliability of data transmissions as well as a failure-free operation of the device.

There are 4 versions of CZAK-03 power supply voltages (12VDC, 24VDC, 110VAC or 230VAC) what allows for flexible usage of this product in different configurations.